Parallel is a studio for 3D animations and Virtual Realities in all appearances of the unbuilt.
Our aim is to create thriving experiences which are both effective and persuasive but above all unforgettable.

Together with our experienced team in Amsterdam Parallel translates any project into
a new enhanced reality where dreams come true.

Parallel has specialised herself in 3D and 360 degrees animations, stills and virtual realities for real estate,
(interior-)architecture and civil engineering.
Over the years countless clients have  reached out and Parallel was able to provide their parallel reality.

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VR M House

Eefje Voogd Makelaardij

Solarpark Deventer

B4o Landschapsarchitectuur

Watervillas Muiden

KNSF Vastgoed II

Vollenhoven Loft

Conversation Next

Strand Horst

Gemeente Ermelo

Villa Veen


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